Friday, March 24, 2006

Date day

Mom and Dad came over yesterday and during the afternoon, took Aidan to the beach to play in the sand. That was Golf's and my opportunity to get out for a few hours and enjoy ourselves. We didn't want to see any movies -- nothing is out now that looks appealing. Not til May anyway, that's when Davinci Code comes out! I couldn't think of anything, so I just came up with going to the bookstore to hang out, read at our leisure, and get some coffee. It was nice and inexpensive date.

However, upon returning to our car we saw we got a parking ticket!!! We were so careful to make sure we got back in time before the meter ran out. The guy giving the ticket must have been sitting by our car waiting for the last few minutes to tick by because we saw his little truck down the street after we got in. We got there literally less than a minute after he left. And our cheap date got an added $35. Sometimes I think when I really try to keep costs down, something comes along to screw it all up.


Michelle said...

Hey Amy:

the parking control guys are nazis in California. I have an outstanding parking ticket from 3 years ago that I refuse to pay. It started at $60 and then, because I didn't pay, I now owe them for than $400, which they can whistle for as they'll never get it.

I refused to pay it because I was given a ticket when I couldn't possible have parked there as I was on vacation in Thailand at the time. I even sent them a photocopy of my plane ticket, showing them that I was out of the country at the time but they refused to believe me.

It's now on my credit rating as an 'unpaid debt', but who cares. I don't live in the US so my credit rating doesn't mean diddly anymore :-)

amygeekgrl said...

glad you and golf had a nice date, but what a bummer about the parking ticket. i hate it when they just sit there and watch the time to run out.

Jyotsna said...


As lone as the rest of your credit is good, this one ticket won't keep you from getting a loan. I have one item on my credit that is outstanding, and it doesn't belong to me. I was approved for a house loan. I would write to the three credit companies and tell them what happen, including the proof you sent (airline ticket ect.) and they will likely remove it.

Never know when you will want to move back to the US. Good luck.

Amy, that really sucks. And while that sucks, you have no idea how lucky you are to get a date night! I am craving one, and I'm not partnered! Green with envy! And I will take it a step further, I would love to have a date night that included no one but me (but a hot body south asian guy might be fun too!).

alise said...

When I lived in downtown Santa Barbara, I would get parking tickets. I was unaware, however, of the fact that if I acquired too many of these unpaid tickets that my car would be towed and held hostage until I paid. As I was sitting at a horrible job one day, the other gals were commenting on what a cute tow truck driver was out there. They sighed in a little dissapointment when he was getting ready to leave. It was at that point that I took interest and saw my car being hauled off to car jail. It cost me $472 to have it released.