Saturday, April 14, 2007

A disappointing day

Today and tomorrow the Thais here in America celebrate Songkran, the Thai New Year. We were SOOOO looking forward to going to the Thai Temple in Fremont to make merit, see the dancing, listen to music and eat delicious food. It's so important for us to expose Aidan to his Thai side as often as we can.

However, today it was POURING down rain and tomorrow Golf wants to get to the flea market since the last two weeks have been replaced with a traveling carnival. Well, if we see that the carnival is there again, then we'll head on down to Fremont because it's supposed to be nicer tomorrow.

Now in Thailand, I'd huddle inside my apartment all day long because the water festival there is serious sanook (or fun). Not. You'll be drenched the moment you step out your door. Farangs (white foreigners) are especially targets. Look for some pictures and a description from this blog here.

So Sawatdii Pii Mai (Happy New Year!)

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