Monday, April 30, 2007

Our Third Year & Sushi

On this date in 2004, Golf and I were married in Bangkok and then had our wedding reception at Reflections Restarurant near the Ari Skytrain Station. Below are some pictures from our wedding day! We loved the look of the restaurant, which is now more famous for its themed hotel rooms, which were under construction when we went there.

But today we celebrated with sushi from Safeway and a nice bottle of Robert Mondavi white wine. We don't have anybody to watch Aidan for the evening, so we stayed home, which is fine. We'll get to go out when he's older... Golf also bought me a lovely bouquet of flowers! I have the bestest husband and I'm such a lucky gal!

Some of the sushi we got was of the cooked variety so Aidan could try some. We got him some of the eel kind and some of the crab kind and HE LIKED IT! I'm so proud of my baby, eating sushi before he's even two. What a cosmopolitan kiddo! :)


Michelle said...

Hey Amy and Golf,

Happy Anniversary. Wow, those three years have gone FAST :-)


Carol and Chris said...

Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

The photo's are fab!!


Amy said...

Thank you Michelle and Carol! Indeed, the time has flown by...