Saturday, April 28, 2007

Not much to blog about lately

Not much going on, yet the days are always so packed that the weeks just fly by. Aidan and I have our routine on the days I don't substitute teach (which I have the last few days).

Mornings after breakfast is the powerwalk and playtime at the park. We get back by noon.
Lunchtime at noon.
Playtime after that.
Between 2 and 2:30 he goes down for his nap.
Time for me to study my real estate texts!
I do indulge in Oprah at 4 PM while also making a wake up snack for Aidan - I know once I start working I won't get to watch anymore.
5 PM make dinner
Play and watch the news til 7:30
7:30 naked baby time and/or bath time
7:45 jammie time
8 milk time
8:30 bed time
after 8:30 I study more or if a special show is on I'll watch it. I don't watch much TV at night cause nothing's on
This schedule does not take into account the various chores I need to do such as folding laundry, grocery shopping, washing dishes or cleaning the apartment. I ususally do cleaning and laundry when Aidan's napping and catch up on my studies at night. Grocery shopping I do with him in the morning instead of going to the park. On weekends we like to go with Golf to the flea market in the morning! We're going to go tomorrow.

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