Sunday, October 07, 2007

Bad Karaoke

When we lived in Bangkok, Golf and I bought a couple of CDs of kids songs for Aidan as he grew older, so he could hear Thai singing by children. Well, we opened them awhile ago and they sound terrible. Very low budget, midi style keyboards with the kids singing off-key and the sound engineering sounds as if somebody had a microphone in a karaoke room. We do have one CD we bought at the Queen Sirikit book fair that's held every year and that one is extremely cute and well done. At least we have one good one, but Aidan likes the bad karaoke one too, so I have to endure like a good mother.... :)


Mel said...

And most mothers only have to deal with the telly tubbies or play school! You poor thing!

Amy said...

LOL! It's all good! You get used to the bad singing. :)