Monday, October 01, 2007

Welcome October!

I can't believe the year's nearly done already.
The visit last week with Golf's friend went really well. Dii is a wonderful woman and she was truly surprised that she was in a book and on the author's website. She lives back in Thailand right now and was on a several month visit to the US to stay in the Buddhist monestary affiliated with the one she attended as a girl in Eastern Thailand. It is located in the far north of the state, in the mountains and I'd love to go for a weekend trip to check it out sometime. It sounds like a beautiful place.

Meeting with Mr. Coffee was interesting. He cannot use my services due to his tax situation. His business needs to become more successful first. I called to discuss this at the main office and it turns out that Mr. Coffee's situation is one of the few instances where my service would not work. So how do you like that?!?!

I need to put my gloves on and get into the ring - I believe with 100% conviction in my company and my service and my father's even interested in helping me out in his town (a three hour drive from home - that would expand my area a lot!) But I have been so jittery to get started. I know the facts of the service down pat, I just need to get out there and put myself on the line.
Heck I remember feeling jittery before every new job and it's always, ALWAYS better and easier than imagined. Will let you know how it goes this week.


Carol and Chris said...

It's not easy getting out there and making contacts but the thought of doing it is always much worse than the actuality.

You've worked so hard for this....your going to be fine!!

C x

Mel said...

Yeah! Why should the glory of this job belong to others? Own it! It's all yours... :D