Friday, October 12, 2007

Went to my first Toastmasters meeting

Last night was fun! I got to meet the members of the local chapter. I particiapted in an impromptu 2 minute speech - which is challenging for me because often my mind blanks out. This is one of the reasons why this club will be good for me because I need to articulate my thoughts faster. The members also challenged me to give a 5-7 minute "Icebreaker" speech on myself, and it was actually quite easy to fill up all the time. The stunner was that I was voted most interesting speaker at the end of the evening!

One thing I noticed about what I went through is that I didn't feel very nervous. I think it was because I didn't THINK about being nervous. Now if I can only get into that state of mind when I give sales presentations because right now I feel extremely nervous. I believe that the big difference is that in a club environment, you don't risk rejection. In a sales presentation, you do run the risk of rejection. I need to not fear rejection and toughen up.

It was a great night though. I look forward to the weekly meetings and becoming a great speaker!


Anonymous said...

Of course you were voted the most interesting speaker!!!! Just look at all the things you have done and seen in your life........ :)


Carol and Chris said...

You go girl!!

C x

Indian Summer said...

That's wonderful Amy! I really commend you for going forward with your dreams. It takes a lot of courage.