Monday, October 15, 2007

Tutoring a Thai Student?

I put a question mark at the end of the subject's sentence because I'm unsure if it will happen or not. I had an epiphany while I was taking my bath this morning. In the high school class I subbed for a couple times, I had a Thai student who had been in the US for about a year. Her English was so-so and there was still quite a bit she didn't understand when I spoke. Her mother had asked her if I could tutor her and I said that I didn't know because at that time we were contemplating a move to Sacramento.

Now we're certainly not moving and the thought of helping this young Thai girl get a head start in her learning process would make me feel wonderful. I would like to tutor her twice a week for an hour each time, help her with her homework, expand her vocabulary and hopefully inspire a love of learning within her. If she can do well in her subjects, it will likely open a whole new world for her, or at the very least increase her perspective and confidence. I would like to offer her some help free of charge. To volunteer three hours per week total during a time when Aidan takes his nap anyway is not much and could make a huge difference for this girl. I hope her teacher calls me to tell me it's a go.

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