Tuesday, February 21, 2006

At the Marrakech

Over the weekend, Golf, Aidan and I went to Sacramento to visit my parents, my sister Anna and brother-in-law Jim. My sister is a talented belly dancer at the Marrakech Restaurant and has been dancing there for about 13 years now. We even took Aidan with us! At first, Golf and I were concerned about disrupting his schedule too much, since we would be out way past his bedtime, but on the other hand, he needs to experience things out of the ordinary once in awhile, so we took the baby with us.

Aidan did so well! He never cried and was fascinated with the food and the dancing and all the colors and sounds. He got to sample the Morroccan food, which he LOVED and after my sister's first set, he finally fell fast asleep and nothing could wake him.

It was a very fun weekend!

Eating a bit of the lentil soup starter.

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Mel said...

Awww Aim, that is just so cute! Thanks so much for putting these up, they're darling! :D