Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Universe listened to me

A few days ago, I thought to myself how it was time to donate some money to a charity or organization. I've felt so blessed, thankful and grateful for all that we have been given and help that has come our way in many various forms since our return to the United States last August. I gave a couple bucks here and there to the Salvation Army during Christmas, and a few dollars for Hurricane Katrina (I feel I should have given more) and Golf gave to a fund raiser for the Sherriff and Police of Alameda.

Well, they called again last night! And while the first few requests for donations were too high for us, Golf and the caller settled on a price that was right for us to give. I just thought it the strangest, most wonderful thing to have happen. Like the Powers that Be were listening to me and responded. Cool!!


Michelle said...

Amy, be very careful giving money over the phone to these 'police' organizations. There have been many exposes done about them on TV and the vast majority of them are scams with some of them giving NO money to the police/fire departments and some only 10% of the money donated going to them.

If you want to donate, you're honestly better finding a reputable charity that you're passionate about eg: Save the Children, Christian Children's Fund (NOT a religious organization), SPCA, an environmental group etc.

It's great you want to give money, just be careful on the phone solicitors. Many of them are scams!

Amy said...

That's a good point, Michelle. I'd also rather contribute to those kinds of charities, but that night was a total spur of the moment kind of deal. I think Golf feels the same way and next time, we'll dontate to a charity we feel is more suitable to what aligns with our values.:)

Anna said...

I "local police station" solicited me for money. I told them that I was unemployed and every dollar counted but he some how made me feel guily and pressured into donating. I also felt that I HAD to because it is for the police. You know?
I don't trust most charities, unfortunately.