Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Various things to share

First of all, Happy Birthday Mom! I'm sure we'll talk on the phone later today.

My tendonitis is killing my right hand and yeah, I'm right handed. I got a steroid shot for it when I was in Thailand, but the doctor here said to hold off on getting another one until Aidan is weaned. She said to keep my thumb stabilizing brace on and rub Aspercreme on it. I have this stuff that the Thai doctor gave me that I'm still rubbing on, but it's not helping, so now I'll do it more than once per night. I also put one of those heavy seed filled pillows (Mom made it for Golf) into the microwave to make it nice and hot and I rest it on my hand. The pain is the worst in the evenings after the baby's gone to bed and in the mornings. I couldn't even lift a pan off the stove this morning!

Daryll lent us some DVDs he bought in England when he was there with Mel over Christmas. It's a very popular comedy called Little Britain. They've won all sorts of awards for it and I love to see what's popular with our British bretheren. I have to say it's quite odd, and at times I read the subtitles only because they use phrases we don't here in the States and they speak so fast when they say it too! Michelle, if you see this for sale in Bangkok, buy it! You'll love it!

It's been very warm here, relatively speaking -- close to 70F!!! Good for my parents since they are now making their way back to NorCal -- they were in the South West trying to escape the colder winter weather and now it's safe to come back and see their grandson.

And lastly, I'm off to Albertson's early by 8 AM. It's an older smallish store and it's closing down since there is a brand new HUGE Safeway and humongous Trader Joe's -- nobody goes there anymore. So they're having a 10-50% off sale and it's stock up time!

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alise said...

I too am currently managing painful tendonitis. It is horrendous. Try to minimize activities like typing! Actually, using that mouse, even an ergonomically correct one is detremental to repetitive stress injuries such as tendonitis. I know using the heat feels really good, but it inflames the condition. I get bags of ice and sit for 15-20 minutes iced-up. It makes it feel a whole lot better. When I had physical therapy for the condition, it helped a LOT. Icing after massage was the key in that situation. I found this link that might be helpful.