Monday, February 27, 2006

A sick baby

Aidan woke up every hour last night, whimpering a few minutes then falling back asleep. At 2:30 AM, however, he cried and Mamma went to him. I discovered he couldn't breathe well because of a snotty, stuffed up nose, poor baby. So I coddled him and rocked him. He still didn't sleep on his own, so he had to cry a few minutes and then he slept another hour. By 5 AM he was awake again and I took him to bed with us, only to have that last an hour. Golf and I both got up at 6 with him.

His first sickness in his life and it didn't happen til he was 9 months old. Wow. I'm sure he'll recover quickly cause he'll be like his mommy and daddy who get well quickly from illness.


amygeekgrl said...

I'm sorry the lil guy is sick, but that's awesome that he hasn't had any illnesses until 9 months old. Hooray for mama's milk! :)
Hope he starts feeling better soon and you can get some rest tonight.

Danna said...

Hope he's feeling well soon. Poor little guy! That is so awesome that he is so healthy! I promise that one day I will come and see you. My coworkers are always sick, so I'm lucky if I can go a month without getting sick!! I swear my work is worse than any daycare when it comes to germs! I feel really bad that I haven't come to visit, but trust me I didn't want to be the person to give your child his first cold!! Get your rest too so you don't get sick too! Take care!