Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting it all in order

Been spending the last few days getting our investments added into quicken and accounts set up. I feel so good that I finally stopped doing nothing and took action in the vast intimidating world of MONEY. I transferred some savings into an online account that has a very high APY, finally getting more in interest than just sitting in my regular savings account. Then I set up Aidan's college fund and put a sizable chunk to get him started, and we plan to add $50 per month. I got our IRA account accessed online and into my Quicken program and by March Golf and I want to start contributing to it. I had contributed to this IRA when it was my 401K when I worked for Excite back when it was still the main competetor with Yahoo!, so at least we aren't starting from zero. I feel so good now that I have all these accounts up to date and on my Quicken program so I can see them all at once and watch our investments start growing.

I also bought a book on that should be arriving any day now. It's called Start Late Finish Rich and I bought it because Golf and I are mid/late 30s now and need to aggresively invest. Right now the biggest dilemma for our financial future is whether or not to invest in a home. Do we save up a down payment or do we put that money into retirement. That's the biggest question I have right now.


amygeekgrl said...

good for you!! i'd love to hear more about that online savings acct you are using if you want to share - we have some money in a regular savings acct and the interest rate is miniscule.
thx! :)

Mel said...

Good on you Amy! Good good good.

Aim I can't remember where I heard it, but they say that if you are going to live in California that the best investment is in a house. The way Daryll and I look at it, if for some reason he and I don't have a lot of money when it's time to stop working, we could sell our house and move to a different state and do very well. I've also been advised by my older and wiser neighbors to not get too attached to our house because we should move/upscale to a nicer home once every seven years to keep our investment strong. Can you believe we're coming up on four years in the hooplah house in May?!