Tuesday, April 18, 2006

100th Anniversary of the big earthquake

San Francisco is commemorating the devestating earthquake and fires that happened on this day in 1906. They had ceremonies this morning, at about 4:30 AM when the time of the earthquake hit. People dressed in period costumes, and I especially liked the Chinese opera ones, they're so beautiful! Of course I'm watching this all on the morning news. I especially like the then and now shots at different streets in the City. There are even some survivors still alive today who have been on and talked about their experience. Of course at that time they were just tots, and it amazes me that they would have any memory from that age, but it's neat to see centarians (sp?) talk about that.

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Anonymous said...

I remember in January 2001 when my job sent me to San Jose for two weeks and we got together and did some neat stuff. (Remember the man on the Golden Gate Bridge who was talking to GOD on the Barbie telephone?!) We were SOMEWHERE and there was a big exhibit about earthquakes. You said that you were either not interested, or had already been through it or something, so I decided not to go through it because I figured I would never be anywhere near an earthquake. Boy was I wrong! One month later I was in downtown Seattle when their earthquake hit. As I was cowering in the Nordstrom shoe department with all the trendy, hysterical ladies, I kept thinking back to how I should have gone to the exhibit and I would have known what to do in that situation. It was chaos :)