Friday, April 07, 2006

My yearly Duran Duran kick

I've been a Duranie for almost 25 years now! Once a year I get in Duran mode, and with me it happened yesterday when I received the DVD Arena in the mail. I won it on eBay. I have the VHS tape but wanted a copy in DVD format, obviously. I needed to build up my feedback score before selling my yard sale finds, so the way to do that is to buy some things and get feedback as a buyer. I also want their Sing Blue Silver video on DVD, but I haven't found any great deals yet, so I'm waiting. But I did win an auction this morning, their Live in London DVD, which is their reunion performance.

The original 5 members broke up in 1985 and for me they've never been as good as their first 3 albums. I followed them for a few years afterward and got to make it to their Notorious concert in 1989, but with Roger and Andy gone from the band, they were incomplete. I didn't follow them any more in the 90s til now. I did buy their Pop Trash album, but never cared for it. I just sold it on eBay last week!

Well last year all five of them reunited! I was beside myself with excitement, but at the same time devestated that I wouldn't be able to see them live. They were even playing at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I was living in Bangkok at that time. It even made front page news of the San Francisco Chronicle!

So anyway, I've been spending my eBay profits but I will get it out of my system soon. I haven't gotten anything fun in awhile.


amygeekgrl said...

good for you for getting some fun stuff for yourself. :) i like duran duran too, but U2 is the band that REALLY does it for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I saw them a year ago last March. It was truly one of the best days of my life :) My husband said he had never seen me act that way before.....
Last year I made the front cover of our company newsletter, and the picture I had submitted was me with their tour bus. When I think of Middle School, I think of Amy Starkey and Duran Duran :)


Danna said...

I LOVE Duran Duran. I had posters all over my walls of them growing up!! I've always wanted to go to their concert back in the day but they broke up before I got to go. Last year my sister in a law got tickets to their concert.I was SO happy that 1)I was going to the concert, 2)that it was all orginial members. Third row center seats! I was so close to them. It was a life long dream come true. Got to know, who's your favorite?

Amy said...

Danna -- It's always been a tie between John and Simon. Nick in at a close third, but he was always a little to effeminate for me, but very handsome just the same. How about you?

Cheryl -- I will always remember fondly our fanatic devotion to our Fab 5. We and Shirley were about the only ones at school who were crazy for Duran Duran. You and Danna above both got to go see them. I'm SO jealous!

Amy -- U2 is a great group too! :)

Anonymous said...

Amy, didn't you see them in Seattle in the 80's? I SWEAR you sent me a picture from it many years ago.

Amy said...

Cheryl -- Acutally I saw them in Sacramento in 1989 for their Nortorious tour. That was the first and only time I saw them and it was without Andy and Roger. :( But it was still a good show!

Amy said...

Oops, I meant 1987 Strange Behaviour tour!!! I just pulled my concert tee shirt out of my cedar chest and I was mistaken!

Anonymous said...

If you put that concert t shirt on eBay, you will have a guaranteed buyer :)
DUH! After I posted my comment I remembered you writing that you saw them in '89, but after all, I was posting that at around 4am.
When I went to the show in Spokane, I was on Andy's side of the stage, which was probably the closest to heaven that I will ever get :)