Thursday, April 13, 2006

Applying for a temp job

Saw a job posting in Craigslist yesterday. Oakland school district is hiring emergency teachers for $300 per diem in case there is a teachers' union strike in the near future. The job ad said you just need 2 forms of ID, a bachelor's degree (with sealed transcripts) and no teaching experience necessary. Well, I have no teaching experience in America, but 4 years under my belt, just the same. It will be some good income if a teacher strike happens.

But the poor kids! The district is hiring emergency teachers with no experience! Basically they're hiring babysitters, and that's sad. I hope to actually do something constructive in the classroom. However, these are Oakland schools, which have the worst reputation in the whole Bay Area. I may get to see first hand how bad it is.

My biggest problem (and I mean literally big) is my own body! I have one pair of maternity pants that fit me that's suitable for work. I'll have to get creative with shirts and before I go to interview, I will have to stop at Payless Shoe Source and get a pair of emergency nice shoes. My new eating plan MUST go into effect by tomorrow!!!

I'll start getting ready once Aidan goes down for his morning nap in about an hour or so. Wish me luck!


amygeekgrl said...

good luck!
i've heard (second- or third-hand) there's always a need for teachers out in CA and that they pay pretty well. maybe this could turn into something more permanent. :)

Jyotsna said...

Very cool Amy! Let us know what happened!