Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teaching again

Oh my god, I've tossed around so many ideas of where to take my career now that I'm back in the States. It makes me feel almost embarassed at how indecisive I've been and how I've stated publicly on this blog that I'm definitely going into real estate, and other such ideas that felt like firm decisions.

I do know that I enjoyed teaching in Thailand. I know that in America it's quite a different ballgame, but America is desperate for teachers. Our kids are falling behind and it's only getting worse in the world market -- we're #1 only in resource consumption nowdays and that's sad. Oprah did a show on the state of our education system and part 2 comes on today.

I would like to head in the direction of becoming a classroom teacher. I plan to start out as a teacher's assistant or a substitute teacher. Just found out yesterday that the minimum proficiency exam to become an instructional assistant in my county is this Friday, so that's a bit too early to prepare for the exam. I'm sure it's very easy, but I need to review math just the same. So I will have to wait another month. I'm bummed about having to wait such a long while, but I don't want to rush in with no preparation.

I also have to take an exam to become a substitute teacher, and that exam is on June 17th. Both a substitute teacher and a teacher's assistant will give me insight to what elementary school classrooms are like in America today. Talking with teachers will give me an idea of where to go from there. I think I should travel in the direction of ESL, since I have experience and certification in that field.

Yeterday I was considering applying for Starbucks and Barnes & Noble bookstore because we need extra income. It was more of an emotional grasping at straws, and after some communication in a web forum, I got some sense knocked into me and decided it would be wisest to continue down my educational career path in some form. I originally wanted to be a stay at home mother, but we need the extra income and since Golf works from home, our childcare options are quite flexible and Aidan will still be with a parent. I also plan just to work part time until Aidan is school age. So that's where the last few days have taken me and it's been a bit of a rough and rocky road.

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Jyotsna said...

Sending you some cyber-sympathy. I understand how you are feeling.

When I made the decision to go to massage therapy school, I knew I HAD to do something. But I wanted to stay at home with my 2 1/2 year old girls and 6 1/2 year old son. However, I decided that eating and having gas, phone bill and a house one day, were just as important as being a stay at home mom. Many of my friends (IRL) knocked me because they couldn't believe I was going to put my kids in daycare and go to school. But while it was so difficult to manage the next 2 years, I can definately say that now I am much happier and very glad that I listened to my heart, not to my friends.

And, I was still a good mama, even tho I wasn't home all day. I am still a good mama now, and still caring, and meeting their needs, even tho I struck out in a different direction than i thought I would, and different than all my attachment parenting friends. I still co-slept, I still breastfed, I still homeschooled, and it was very hard, but very worth it. Looking back, except for the nightmare with my seperation and divorce, it was a very good time.

Wishing you the best in your decision Amy.