Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Reasons for my slow blogging

It's been a very quiet week for blogging. I've been doing alot, but not worth blogging about every day because it's all the same stuff. Basically I'm educating myself and becoming financially literate, specifically with the stock market and retirement options. I look at it as the only job I can do while still at home with Aidan full time. I've read a book by Phil Town called Rule #1 and it's gotten excellent reviews and I did some internet searches on him and he's got a solid reputation and not a slick salesman out to make a buck off some get-rich-quick scheme. I've spent a lot of time this week researching businesses and learning formulas in Excel. Once I get the hang of crunching the numbers it will become a breeze and I'll have more confidence. I'm just taking baby steps, which is what all beginners must do. I just love exercising my brain and it's quite exciting learning something new that will greatly benefit our family.

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