Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

We went to a parade this morning and of course Aidan fell sound asleep by the time the parade came. It was Golf's first small-time parade -- his first one was the Rose Bowl Parade in Oregon -- you can't really top that! But this was a really fun parade despite the baby fell asleep. He did wake up toward the end of our time there and got to see some horses, dogs, bands and old fashioned cars. We had to leave before it ended though, to make it home by noon. Click here for the photos! See the pants I can now fit into! Twenty pounds lost and 15 more to go!!! No firework shows tonight though -- we'll go next year.

Why? Well, the World Cup semi-finals were on, that's why!!! We were rooting for Germany since the Italian team are a bit sneaky, always dropping and rolling like they've been severely injured just so they can get a foul called and a free kick. Buggers. But they ended up kicking Germany's butt the last few minutes of the second overtime! To get in two goals in the space of a minute with that tank of a goal keeper (but handsome in a Heath Ledger way) was pretty amazing. The commentators said that in the streets of Berlin there were upwards of nearly a million people watching big screens. If only the US were involved like that... but the streets of Berlin are quiet now. Let's see what happens in tomorrow's semi-final match with Portugal and France. It's getting exciting around here!


Mel said...

Oh Aim that looks like so much fun! It makes me wish I had gone to a parade, and seen the clip-clop horsies! Well, at least I had a BBQ and watched fireworks with my neighbors down by the water in our own neighborhood, that's pretty American/patriotic. Darn, I should have made a cherry pie or something! I had a hard time this year feeling the spirit of Independence, not that it's at the forefront of my mind on the 4th of July. It is something that should be honored and respected. I feel so removed from it, and I attribute that to the current wars, and seeing the global excitement of the World Cup (which I'm really enjoying this year btw). A lot of the times, I feel like being an American means being a close-minded redneck. I need to work on my American identity. Hmm, maybe I should travel some more! :D

Amy said...

Travelling certainly helps one appreciate one's home country. We may have some corruption, but we're absolutely transparent compared to MANY countries out there. And the opportunity to make it financially is so great here -- given the will and perseverence. In classist societies, it's near impossible. And the rights of women here in the US are so far beyond patriarch countries -- I've seen it. We have so much to be grateful for and I appreciate being from the USA having seen what I've seen abroad. We are far from perfect and like you I dislike VERY much our foreign policy and the war, but if I were at the World Cup when the US was still in play, I would be donning my stars and stripes! ;)