Saturday, July 01, 2006

How about that Portugal win!

I'm killing some time before the kickoff of the next World Cup game at noon. Brazil vs. France. That's going to be an intense game and I kinda hope France wins, only because Brazil is such a powerhouse. I like France -- I studied French language for many years and have had French acquaintances in the past -- heck one of our neighbors is a nice French lady named Nicole! Golf wants Brazil to win. Ultimately, it doesn't matter to me, it's all very exciting.

And how about that win Portugal just had over England?!?!?! My English friend Daryll said that England always crumbles over penalty kicks, so when it came to that, I kinda knew that England was doomed. But, according to the commentators, Portugal has not made it to the semi-finals since 1966 -- that's 40 years! So I'm glad for them, even though I wanted England to win. I still like Portugal, they're good people. And at least at the end of this last game, the English were still gentlemen unlike the Argentinians at the end of their game yesterday. Sore losers!!!


Nelson said...

Portugal will wait for Brazil or France to continue this dream, step by step. England is out but with honour!

Nelson said...

Thanks for your message! It is another way to exercise my English.
... and now we have France!!