Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Unimpressed with Zidane

Overall, I was disappointed with the World Cup final game. It was an exciting game, of course, but I wanted France to win since the all-star captain, Zinadine Zidane, was retiring for good. He was a GREAT player in the previous matches and showed quiet strength during this last match. I never saw him dive to the ground, clutching his leg if he got bumped, hoping for a foul.

But all that changed during the last minutes of the game when he head butted his opponent for supposedly saying something terrible to him. He got the red card and left the game. Nice way to end your career, Zinadine, with the whole world watching and setting an example for kids to follow. I'm very disappointed in you!!!!

Needless to say that despite Italy's reputation for "flopping" or "diving" to the ground, I'm happy for their win. I'm happy for any country's win of the biggest football challenge on earth!


Danna said...

My husband watched it too! I didn't watch it, but he told me about it, and I saw it on the news later. To do something so stupid as that. And they wonder why kids have no sense of sportsmanship when it comes to sports!!

amygeekgrl said...

As I was trapped in the house w/ the rain on Sunday, I actually watched the game. I missed the headbutt (but saw the replay) and couldn't believe he would end his career on such a note. :( Very classless indeed.
Prior to that, I thought France was going to win. They seemed like the stronger team (my opinion only from watching that particular game). I did think there was an AWFUL lot of players falling to the ground when they were injured. I haven't watched much soccer before so I wasn't expecting that.
Anyway, was a fun game to watch. :)

Anna said...

I watched that game as well. I haven't been following the entire World Cup so I didn't have a favorite to win. It certianly was an intense, well-matched game.
Here is video of Zidane's headbut for those who missed it:

alise said...

I thought the headbutt was very entertaining! What a great way for this dude to keep his name circulating. Professional male athletes have more than their share of testosterone, perhaps he was just trying to scrape excess hormones off the top of his head onto his opponent. Sportsmanship is taught by parents and teachers, not by single examples from Italy unless it is what not to do.

amygeekgrl said...

i have no idea if this is true or not (so basically i'm just spreading a rumor), but jody heard from a friend (who was VERY MUCH into the world cup) that the italian player tweaked zidane's nipple and then called him a "terrorist" right before the headbutt. still doesn't justify it, but maybe gives some insight into what got him so riled up.

amygeekgrl said...

ooh, just found this link:


Amy said...

Thanks, Amy, for that link -- that was very interesting and it also had some other links in it that I followed that had other intriguing info. ;) Oh, the DRAMA!!!!!