Saturday, July 15, 2006

Still considering Sac

After more conversation with Golf, we're still considering a move to Sacramento within the next year. With the passing of my CBEST test, I can still substitute teach and Golf can run his translation and eBay businesses from there. We can rent a house or duplex for the same price we pay here and in Sac, we'd have more space for our eBay inventory and a back yard for Aidan. The cost of living is a little bit less there and at least there when we save to buy a home, it won't be in vain.

A news story from earlier this week said that the new median price for a home in the Bay Area is now $750,000!!!! MOST people who live and work here cannot afford to buy and many are leaving California all together due to the high cost. But since my family lives in CA, I do owe it to Aidan to maintain a relationship with them, especially my parents. And a move to Sacramento would make a closer proximity.

Back to housing costs: The same news story talked about a housing boycott by some residents who don't want to bust their buns to pay $4k-$8k per month (or more) for a tar paper shack in the ghetto. They say that by refusing to buy a home, with enough people doing the same, it will have an affect on the market and cause the prices to come back to where they should. I don't know if that will work, but if anything, the website they created is a good place to vent about it. I especially like the house of the day feature.


Anonymous said...

I just followed the House of the Day link.... are they flipping kidding??? That house in Yakima would go for about $50,000. How is it even possible to own a house and have those fun things called clothes and food? YIKES!!!

Mel said...

Hmm, Daren and Tristina have not yet bought a house in Sac because they say the prices are too high for what they want. Tristina has a IT job with the State which she's been with for years (10?), and Daren runs his own IT consulting firm and has contracts with the State. They've been waiting for a long while now to wait until "the market cools". They're paying about $2K (or close to) for rent on a house around Zinfandel.

Sounds like you may as well be where you want to be, cause it's all going to be high in the Bay Area or Sac. :\

Anonymous said...

How can people in California afford their mortgage? Is the pay in California much higher than in the other states? Just wondering.

alise said...

The housing market is cooling off. When Bill and I first moved to Orange County, the prices were revolting, but not as bad as Santa Barbara (median home price $1.1 mil). Unfortunately, we moved to the luxurious South Orange County and now I do not wish to live elsewhere. We could get a 2 bedroom, 1 bath condo walking distance to the beach for under $400,000. That's $600,000 less than Santa Barbara! With at 7% interst rate and 20% down on a mortgage, that would be a little more than we are paying in rent right now. Damn am I glad we didn't buy when we first moved here. Prices on homes will continue to drop.

Amy said...

Indeed, it's EXTREMELY discouraging to say the least. Anonymous #2: I believe the salaries here are higher than in other states, because of the cost of living in general, not just housing, is also higher. Nobody could afford to live here if salaries weren't a bit higher.