Friday, July 21, 2006


We, like most the rest of the US, is in the midst of a heat wave. Since we live right near the water, we don't get the inland temps in excess of 100F, so we're lucky. The heat does create excess air pollution from cars, though, and these days are called "Spare the Air" days and all public transportation is free.

It was free yesterday when I had to take BART into Berkeley for a job interview at the Berkeley English Academy. The director was impressed with my teaching experience in Thailand and was most eager to give me substitution work when the occasion arose. And I'll even get a day's notice! So that will be great in addition to being a substitute teacher here in the Alameda school district. I plan to start the application process on Monday.

So today's another Spare the Air day and we plan to all take a trip into San Francisco since BART is free. It would otherwise cost us just over $12 round trip for two adults!!! We're going to Mission Street to the thrift stores -- there are about three within a few blocks of one another. It was at one of those thrift stores that Golf found a Teddy Ruxpin for $3 that sold for over $100 on eBay !!! So it's our good luck location! :)

We also plan to have a nice, inexpensive Mexican meal too. Yum yum! :)


alise said...

I happened upon a website for a charter Waldorf school just a few miles from my house. They had a 6th grade position open that they posted that day, but the director of the school said what they were really looking for was a teacher to co-teach the kindergarten. I love kindergarten! If the current co-teacher is hired for the 6th grade, then I get the kindergarten position. If not, I will be working as a sub for that school. It is really nice to be part of a small community of learners instead of just thrown to the system at large.

alise said...

I will bet that the air here is worse. Last week I drove within 10 miles of downtown LA and could barley see the skyscrapers. SICK! The carpool lane was fairly clear too.

amygeekgrl said...

congrats on the great interview. :)

sounds like you had a nice day planned. and yummy mexican food to top it all off! :) mmmmmmm