Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day 2007

What a lovely day it's been today! Clear skies and only in the upper 70s here in the Bay Area while the rest of the state swelters over the century mark.

Aidan and I went to the local 4th of July parade which is held a mere 1/4 mile away or so. We got our spot in the shade and had to wait over an hour before the parade started, but boy was it worth it! It was so much fun seeing my son enjoy himself. We sat next to a very nice couple who played with Aidan and another family on the other side had an 8 year old looking boy who also played with him.

Then the parade started and what a great time this boy had! He was far more thrilled with the firetrucks, bands, bicycles and even a low flying Coast Guard helicopter! Lots of people going by tried getting his attention to wave at him because he's so cute, but he waved to everybody most of the time.

At 12:30 the parade was nearly finished and we'd had enough. I was getting sunburned and Aidan was very stimulated, hot, hungry and tired.

However, not tired enough to sleep! As of 5:20 PM, this boy has still not slept and he's extremely grumpy. I had planned to study during his nap and I'm not happy I didn't get to study. I'll have to just do it tonight...

Well, an overall good day, though and I hope to post a few pictures.

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