Monday, July 09, 2007

I'm sitting here in a bit of a spaced-out state of mind because I finished my real estate exam a few hours ago. It took me nearly three hours to complete 150 questions. Months of studying and the last few weeks have been intense. It's actually going to feel strange not cracking the books or study guide every early morning, afternoon and night.

And I believe that all that hard work and diligent studying paid off. I was stressed a little bit yesterday: I woke up before 4AM worried about my test. I thought to myself that I may as well wake up and, well, STUDY! So yesterday from 4:30-6:30 AM I did the practice exams in the study guide. From 6:30-7 AM I laid my fried brain down on the sofa until it was time to get Aidan up.

Then Aidan and I had a big day ahead of us - we had a birthday party to go to at a swimming center in Oakland. You'd think that with 5 or 6 hours of sleep I'd be still be functioning fine but I was in a bit of a cloud all day long. I was so exhausted. Golf said it was because of stress, too, and I also think the stress may have been making me feel slightly sick.

So Golf suggested a strategy he used for taking his TOEFL exams (to qualify as a fluent English speaker) that he learned from a friend who constently did well on tests: Relax the day before and get plenty of rest and sleep. So I didn't study any more yesterday. I went to bed before 10 PM and for the first time in weeks I slept this morning past 5:45 AM and woke up by 6:45 - woo hoo, a real sleep-in!

I did a little more studying this morning before my 1 PM exam. Just overall review. I also made it a point to do some Law of Attraction exercises: Feel good, give gratitude, have belief and know that I can pass. I told myself that even though my scores on the practice exams were too low, they were very difficult questions. I told myself that with all my efforts and hours of preparation were not going to result in failure. Sure enough, I felt great when I walked into that room.

I'll tell you the results, good or bad either way. But I feel confident that I have passed.

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