Thursday, July 26, 2007

Scared myself til 2 AM

I've got to start off with a back-story before getting into the main topic of my subject line: Golf had recorded a movie called The Zeitgeist - a small production and a very interesting documentary. The only part I watched with more than a grain of skepticism is the part on 9/11. The link takes you straight to the page where you can view the movie if you wish. The rest of the movie is fantastic and a real eye opener.

The Zeitgeist reminded me when I saw a lecture by Jordan Maxwell and consequently bought his video called Basic Slide Presentation. It shows nearly the same material, but it was produced 11 years earlier. I respect Mr. Maxwell's theories and every person should be aware of the topics covered in these two films. So I was exploring Mr. Maxwell's website and it said he would be on Coast to Coast AM on July 25th. I was eager to hear him since he always is so interesting!

I used to listen to this show all the time -- Art Bell talked me to sleep nearly every night and he used to have streaming audio from the previous night for free so I'd listen to the previous night's show in my cubicle at work. Now that Art has retired, George Noorey has taken over and I have to admit I don't listen much any longer. I can't when I get up so early every day and this show goes on from 10PM - 2AM.

I did make an exception last night though. Jordan Maxwell was going to be a guest with a few others when George Noorey was going to conduct a Ouija board experiment on the radio.

The more I listened, the more nervous about the whole thing I became. Two of the other guests were all for going through with it, but Jordan Maxwell was adamently against such an experiment. I do believe Ouija boards open up a portal into the spirit realm and as human beings, we don't know what's out there and what will come through that portal. When you sit in a room with microphones and broadcast your session to millions of people, you don't know what will happen -- you don't know who's listening and what state of mind they're in (there are so many people with varying degrees of mental and emotional stability).

I talked about this with Golf during the commercials. Thai people are superstitious and believe in this sort of thing -- probably even moreso than we westerners. He agreed that it would be a horrible and dangerous idea to broadcast a Ouija session on the radio. Because we were both feeling creepy, he got out a couple of the Buddhist amulets a monk had given us in Bangkok and we put one each on our bedside tables.

In the end, Noorey decided not to go through with the experiment. I'm relieved and I think I would have turned off the radio had he decided to continue. I just don't know what would happen and even if I concentrated and bathed myself in pure light, I'd still be worried if something should happen to those of us listening in and therefore participating in this Ouija board session.

By 1 AM he was taking calls, and many callers were people who had used a Ouija board before and two callers had stories so scary it gave me goosebumps. This stuff is scary and it's real and we don't think of such things much in our modern and materialistic society. There's a lot out there that we don't know about, but we should not dismiss it nor ignore it. We give it respect and focus on that part of it that is good through prayer, meditation, reflection or however you express your spirituality.

The show last night made me more introspective today. And sleepy too, since I had to put on another channel for nearly an hour before I could fall asleep.

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Mel said...

Heh, I still remember, like it was yesterday, how when I was a little girl (maybe 9?) my father told me to never play with a ouija board (even though he had one! it was the 70's), and I never have played with one in my life. It was the sincerity in his voice and eyes when he told me, like "yeah I know I'm your dad, but trust me on this one."