Thursday, July 12, 2007

My first Swarovski jewelry

Alright, it's not that big a deal, but it's fun. For months now I've wanted a nice piece of jewellry, something that looked high quality and beautiful. I never pursued it though, since my first priority is to get work and bring in more money!

Well, last night I went to my bi-monthly meeting in real estate investing and wealth building club from The Real Wealth Network and I was especially excited because the guest speaker that night specialized in Feng Shui. Her name is Alexis Summerfield and she explained basic Feng Shui techniques and how it works with The Law of Attraction.

Each segment of your home is aligned with color and element which represents different aspects of your life to be in harmony with the Universe, or Chi. The chart on the right shows these aspects and what you should have in your home and where starting with water, the color black and representing career and advancement - this should be at your front door or entrance area of your home.

We then went over how the Law of Attraction works and set an intention for ourselves. I decided to focus on my career - now that I've taken my state exam, my intention is to find a job as an origination officer with a GOOD broker by the end of August. We finalized our intention with a symbolic act (wishing with a joss paper).

In the end, Ms. Summerfield offered these beautiful crystal bracelets in the different, sparkly colors corresponding with the Baugua above. You could choose one that you wanted to focus on, so of course I chose black. She then gave the bracelet a blessing and now it's mine! (after giving her my credit card info, of course LOL!)

I plan to wear it during my upcoming job interviews and whenever I want to channel some good energy into bringing in more referrals and network with the right people. I felt wonderful when I left last night!

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