Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting ready to go

Earlier this week I called to confirm or reservation on our flight to Bangkok. It was six days in advance and it's a good thing I called that day; our flight had been canceled (as flights often are these days) and we were rescheduled a day EARLIER than we had booked.

So we're leaving day after tomorrow, not on Tuesday. Which is fine -- Golf finished up all his jobs and the new itinerary did not conflict with his work.

This weekend is busy, of course. This afternoon I have a hair appointment and I'm going to clean, clean, clean this apartment. I love returning back to a clean home. And we're bringing out the luggage to start the packing.

We've already successfully booked our hotel in Bangkok the first night. We arrive at the airport at 2 AM and so won't get to the hotel until close to 3 or 3:30 AM! It's because of this late hour that we booked a hotel, otherwise we'd go straight to my sister in law's house.

We're also trying an experiment with Aidan and the whole huge time change. Starting this morning, I let him sleep as late as he wants to, which was only an extra 35 minutes than normal. We're not going to attempt to put him down for a nap and we'll let him stay up as late as he can at night. I expect he will sleep later tomorrow and even later Monday morning, the day of our departure. I know it's not much, but anything to make the transition easier for him is our objective.

It's exciting around our home today!


Carol and Chris said... must be so excited!!! Have a safe journey and give me a shout when your here...if you have time it would be lovely to meet up :-)

C x

Amy said...

I'd love to Carol. I'm emailing you now about getting in contact.