Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One Week From TODAY!

It's been sinking in the last few days - in exactly one week we'll be off to Thailand!!!

The week before your big trip, the reality of it finally sets in and it's time to get ready to go. I've been purchasing a few little bits that we need to take with us (most stuff we plan to get while there) and nailing down the logistics - paying bills online or arranging for their future payments so we don't have to worry while we're gone.

Today I'm off to the Eddie Bauer outlet store. I hope they still have some of their lightweight capri pants in stock - hopefully on clearance by now. I have one pair that fit me well and I don't like wearing shorts these days. So one pair isn't enough and jeans are too hot in Bangkok. A new swim suit would be nice to find as well as we'd like to take a side trip to the beach.

Woo hoo! The time is drawing near!

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