Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Great Sunday!

I had the best time with Melanie yesterday seeing the Open Studios in San Francisco. Golf and I have only had Carolyn or my mother watch Aidan for a couple of hours while we go to a movie, but yesterday it was for six hours! So a great big huge THANK YOU to Carolyn for enduring for that long AND for changing a poopy diaper on a kid that is old enough to use a toilet.

Golf came with Mel and me and we dropped him off to do his own thing. He's not into seeing art the way Mel and I am but he needed to take advantage of his freedom so he just wanted to be out and about in the city, browsing stores and relaxing in a coffee shop, just enjoying himself. He had a great time.

One of the best things I like about Open Studios is that I get to meet and talk to the artists themselves. All the artists I met yesterday were so very friendly, and of course we could relate with one another (with the artists whose work I really enjoyed, that is - I'd likely relate less with one whose works were not to my taste). Best of all, I got to meet and speak with each of the artists I profiled in my previous posts. They were each inspiring and happy to talk about the techniques they used in their paintings, their opinions and philosophies about their work, how long they've been painting and how their paintings have changed over the years.

It was a great, great day! One of the galleries was a space that Mel and I used to go to for rave parties back in the mid 90s called "Sweet". Still looks the same and seeing that space brought back fun memories from well over 10 years ago - wow, 10 years!

Anyway, it was the best time I've had in a long while, filled with no worries about the kidlet and just indulging in my own adult time and interests. It was wonderful! :)

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