Friday, October 10, 2008

Simple Living Simple Thinking

I happened to see Oprah the other day and it was about cutting back your expenses and living more frugally. She's been having shows recently that reflect the concern with this deep recession we're going through and what all of us can do to ride it through.

I felt great because most of the advice was what Golf and I follow all the time and is a way of life for us, like cooking at home, bringing your lunch if you're going out to work, running your errands at one trip to save gas, renting videos instead of going to the movies, going to the library instead of buying books. We don't have to make any sort of adjustments to this failing economy at the moment because we're already doing the right things.

Golf and I just have not been bitten by the ultra-consumption bug that seems to have gripped most people in America. We're not living like po' folks, and the number one thing I cherish is the TIME that I have for my family that I wouldn't have if I worked outside the home.

I just finished a library book called Get Satisfied, and it's about twenty different people who had found satisfaction with enough - and each had a different definition of what constituted as enough. It's very nice to see a movement of people who are committed to slowing down and living well in this hyper fast, ultra consuming, time sucking life that most tend to live. Not for me.


Mel said...

heh, yeah, I get enough of that at work. Though the technology bug is a hard one to beat at home. I think we do pretty good, considering all the technology we haven't invested in at home. Hell, at least the web is somewhat free, and we watch mostly streaming media. Check out if you've never been before. It's FREE! :D

Amy said...

Very cool, Mel! I like The Jon Stewart Show, but don't get Comedy Central, so I subscribed to it. I might do the same for Steven Colbert too - Depending on how much time I have to devote to watching TV!