Friday, September 09, 2005

Back on!

Today's the day we're supposed to get our own internet -- I'm still piggybacking for now. Yesterday I couldn't even go online because the only computer adapted for wireless is my DH's laptop, which he was using all day long for his job.

Aidan and I went exploring yesterday. Since Thailand has no libraries, I was really hankering to get a library card and get some books that have been on my Amazon Wish List. I walked out of there with FOUR books! Hooray, I just love to read and the library is easy walking distance. Just strapped Aidan in the Snuggli, a backpack with a few diapers and room for books on my back and off we go!

Alameda has some BEAUTIFUL old victorian houses. The homeowners here realize their value and have kept them up nicely. Last evening while dinner was cooking, I took Aidan out in his new stroller and went exploring around the neighborhood. He was so quiet and alert, just looking around. We accidently stumbled upon the rich neighborhood -- gorgeous mansions with immaculate flower gardens and lawns. Wow. I love looking and imagining. Today we'll see what else is out there.

I think my weight should come off fairly quickly now. I'm quite active and love exploring! My pants are already grtting looser.

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