Monday, September 19, 2005

Updated photo album

Golf updated our photo album. Got some fatty pictures of me, but it inspires me to lose the weight! Included are some area shots of the downtown part of the neighborhood that was on our walk today. We're holding off on the stroller for a little while cause Aidan gets upset. I think he's still a little bit too small for it and still prefers to be close to mommy, so we do the snuggly. Hey, it's an extra 15 pounds of weight, good for buring extra calories!


Running2Ks said...

You are so beautiful! Keep up the work, although I don't see fat at all.

Amy said...

You are so kind! I do have a bit of boombaladdy to get rid of though, but just being my active self and breastfeeding ought to do the trick over time. I just wish it was gone by now. Ugh.

amygeekgrl said...

oh my goodness! he just keeps getting cuter and cuter! love those big eyes.
and you look great! :)