Sunday, September 11, 2005

We think he's teething....

Aidan's been drooling for weeks now and the last few days he's been terribly fussy and grumpy during the day. Yesterday I took him for a walk in his new awesome stroller and while the day before he was angelic, he cried and SCREAMED the whole way. I thought at first that continuing walking with him might soothe him and make him feel better, but 15 minutes later, it was obvious it wasn't working so we headed home. One lady even emerged from behind her hedges she was trimming thinking she heard a distressed cat! LOL! No, it's just a baby!

We tried swaddling him last night -- something we have not done since moving. We did this because the night before he was waking up every three hours, while in Bangkok he slept through the night. Sure enough, last night he only woke up once. At least the swaddle keeps him feeling secure and in a familiar comfort.

So with all the night wakings, drooling and fussiness, my mother suggested that he might be teething. He will be four months old in a few weeks, so it's not out of the question. I've been offering him teething beads and my finger to knaw on, so I hope that will help my poor baby. He's even been getting real tears when he cries and it breaks my heart to see that. :(

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Running2Ks said...

My older daughter got her first tooth at 4 months. So yeah, it's definitely possible!