Saturday, September 17, 2005

I got a free bike!

Golf, Aidan and I were just returning from our walk to the shopping center and noticed that our other (quiet) neighbors had their own bikes out getting ready for a ride but one of their bikes had a sign on it that said FREE. And it was a perfectly good, nice looking bike. It needs a new tire and likely a tune up, but hey it's the best deal there is! So today I'm going to go buy a bike lock. It will now be SOOO convenient to run to the store, library or farmer's market without having to ever take the car and it will take a fraction of the time as walking. What great luck that the universe has provided for us! We haven't driven the car in about two days now. :)


Anna said...

Jim can tune your bike up for you. Don't pay to get it done unless it really needs it bad right away.

I found my bike for BurningMan on the side of the road. Someone trashed it and all it needed was new tires.
I wish I would have known you even wanted bikes. I have 2 extras.
I think, between Jim and I, there are 8 bikes here.
I have a basket and a thing to put on the back to carry stuff if you would like to have those.

Running2Ks said...

That is so fortunate. Biking is a great activity for everyone. How convenient (and cost-efficient) that bike will be :)

Jyotsna said...


You will love riding when you get the baby seat attached. I enjoyed that when Ravi was a baby and toddler.


Amy said...

We'll certainly take you up on that, Anna!