Monday, September 05, 2005

Sneaking on the internet with various things to share

With so many wireless connections around here, we have managed to 'piggyback' onto a network until we get our own internet service, which is supposed to begin on the 9th. Wow it feels great to be back online!

Our apartment is coming along nicely. We've had to buy many things, but that was expected and incorporated into our budget. I think we're actually doing pretty good. It feels like we are finally settling in, thanks in large part to my parents who have helped us out tremendously not only with their physical labor but with their big pickup truck they have for hauling their 'retirement home'. Comes in handy when going to IKEA! There is still more things to buy for our home, mostly small stuff and I plan to do some of that shopping today. I still have to take the car. I don't want to start the major power walks until Aidan's stroller arrives and the nearest shopping center is exactly one mile away, so two miles round trip. Great distance for a trip to the store and get some exercise in at the same time.

My best friend has also said she wants to help us with our move back in and she and her husband are kicking down some cash -- so I suggested we meet at IKEA next weekend to go sofa shopping. She has a small pickup too. Thank you Melanie and Daryll! :) :) My family and my friends have been such a blessing in our return.

My youngest sister just got back from her first Burning Man! She'd been wanting to go for years but has always held off and this year she went for it. I went to Burning Man 10 years ago and again in 1996 and 1998. Back then it didn't have the fame it has today, especially in 1995. There were only about 5,000 people then. The advantage Anna had to going this year is that the reputation of BM has attracted artists from all over the world to come install their works, which can be extremely impressive, whereas when I went, there was more of an underground feel to it, like a special secret, but the artworks and camps were less elaborate (but still impressive to me).

Thoughts on Katrina are much like yours, I imagine. I cannot imagine what it's like and am also in disbelief at the disorganization of our government to react appropriately. American citizens should not be suffering and/or dying like this. Now that I'm a mother, I feel even more compassion for those who have children, especially helpless babies. I nearly cry when I see mothers with their babies trying to get out of this devestated area. This is a terrible, terrible thing that has happened.

And that's all I want to say about the Katrina catastrophe because everything else has already been said to the point I'm numb to it. I still listen to the news and listen to talk shows about it because it's my way of acknowledging the people who are suffering since I cannot do something myself.


Running2Ks said...

You have been so busy! IKEA must love you :)

Darshani said...

Hi Amy! When you have the time I'd love to see links of all the stuff you bought from IKEA. Okay, at least the big things. :-) Welcome back!!

Amy said...

Sure, I'll post some pictures of the stuff I buy. I also plan to take photos of our apartment once we have all our stuff put away. Who knows how long that would take though! LOL!