Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Monday Madness on Tuesday

I'm playing Monday Madness this morning. Using the letters of the alphabet in order, name as many words as you can (or want, or feel like it) that have something to do with the town (or state) you live (or work) in...

Northern California
A - Arnold Schwarzenegger
B - Berkeley
C- cheese
D - diverse
F - foodies
G - gay community
H - hybrid cars
I - international
J - Jack London Square, Oakland
K - KGO AM 810 (my favorite radio station)
L - liberals
M - multi-cultural
N - Napa
O - Oakland
P - Point Reyes
Q - quantum physics at Stanford University
R - restaurants
S - San Francisco
T - Tahoe
U - unique
V - Vesuvio Cafe in SF
W - wine
X - X Street, Sacramento
Y - yoga
Z - Zen garden

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amygeekgrl said...

hey, i was trying to post a comment on your financial thread, but it keeps giving me an error. anyway, good for you for getting on top of this all now. i know we really need to start thinking seriously about retirement and stuff too. it's hard to think about how to save for the future when you are having trouble getting by in the present.