Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Dreaming BIG

Oh what an inspiration Oprah's show was last night. She had a special on about her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa, and what an accomplishment. What a wonderful person Oprah is.

The audacity to dream and to think that it could be possible is the first step in realizing that dream. Oprah has embodied the Law of Attraction for years and you can just look at her and her accomplishments and her aspirations and where she started with her poor background to show what can be done with one's life.

I've now been following her example to start with and that is to ask at the start of every day, "How may I be of service?" She has said on more than one occasion on her show that this is what she asks every single morning and that she also gives thanks and has gratitude every day, multiple times per day.

I'm doing that as well. I want to give more. In different realms of life that I've been studying, from spiritual to sales techniques, it's the same: GIVERS GAIN. That's the slogan I got at that seminar on how to be a mortgage broker back on the 13th.

And more than once yesterday the subject came up in subtle forms: You must have the courage to ask. From negotiating price to a candidate for Oprah's school asking if she was good enough to be in the academy. Oprah said that girl was the only one with the courage to ask that question. It does take a tremendous amount of courage to ask someone anything for it risks rejection. Who wants to be told no? But so many times you'll get a yes, esp. if it's a reasonable question. We're so conditioned to taking what we're given or accepting things the way they are that we feel uncomfortable beseeching the universe about what it is we want. We can't even ask ourselves what it is we want.

So today I'm focusing on GIVING and ASKING.

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