Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Secret

I'm really excited about discovering The Secret! Remember my vision board from New Year's Day? Well, I got the idea from a show I happened to have on before Oprah came on. It was a local variety show that I never watch normally, but I had it on for some reason that day and the guest on there was talking about making a vision board and about this book called The Secret.

It's basically about the Law of Attraction, and what you put out there to the Universe, you get back reflected to you. So you can have anything in the world that you want, you just have to ask for it, have gratitude for what you have already, and focus on abundance.

I've known about this, but had forgotten about it in my own spirituality. I read, a long time ago, The Celestine Prophecy, which talks about the same principles, generally. My explorations of Hinduism, Buddhism and some New Age spirituality also describe the Law of Attraction. The only problem I have is that I forgot all these teachings. It's like I know it intellectually for I have read many books on it and have gone to ashrams, temples and seen lectures on it (saw Deepak Chopra once too, a long time ago!) but the knowledge imparted to me slipped through me.

For years my emotions ruled my life and those (mostly) negative and self-depreciating feelings manifested themselves in my life later on. That's how I ended up living in Thailand for nearly 4 years - I was trying to escape the life I had here. Why hadn't I learned anything? I'm still, to a large degree, living my life today from the thoughts that ruled my life for years.

But that changed a few days ago. My attitude and outlook on life has changed. The story of how The Secret came into my life is a story of the Law of Attraction in itsself. I was watching that show and the title of the book looked so neat that I burned it into my memory. I knew I wanted that book. So in the meantime, I started planning my vision board, and a week later it was on my wall.

I did eBay searches on The Secret and discovered that it also had a movie made! See, I wanted the book, but I didn't have a lot of extra funds for what I thought was a book that was not necessary for studying to get ahead in life, so my goal was to get it for free, somehow. Now I wanted to see the movie too, but the book and DVD set I saw selling like hotcakes on eBay were going for close to $70!

Well, I kept trying. Looking around online for good deals. I had a $10 Barnes and Noble gift card I earned from My Points, but the store didn't have it and I didn't want to pay for shipping. (I've earned about 4 nearly free books from them - I cash in on the $10 gift cards but I have to pay about $7 per book with the cost of shipping). Then one day I opened my credit card statement and it said that I had like 6,000 points I could use for free rewards, so I went to the website and discovered I could choose a $25 gift certificate. Cha-ching! Here was my opportunity! I ordered the book the day my gift card arrived in the mail. Thank you Chase credit card!

So I'm reading The Secret and discover the daily affirmations on YouTube, linked from the official website. I posted the most inspiring one. What happened next blew me away. Michelle, my former Bangkok colleague and friend gave me a free link to the entire movie!

There you have it. I got to read the book and see the movie without spending any of my own money. I yearned to get The Secret and I put that energy out there and the Law of Attraction told me that my wish was my command. It happened. I'm so enthusiastic about this.

More soon and I shall also blog about my progress.


amygeekgrl said...

that's very cool!
thank you to michelle for posting that link to the free movie. my dh downloaded it last night and we hope to watch it soon.

Super Protege said...

Hi Amy
I saw The Secret too! i chanced upon your blog by chance when searching for the law of attraction. the law of attraction has worked wonders for me in my life and i hope it can be the same for you.

if you allow me, i would like to share this free Attraction Accelerator report with you from Bob Proctor, together with Stephen Pierce:

may abundance continue to come your way in your life!

best wishes and regards
superprotege :)