Thursday, February 08, 2007

Oprah talks about The Secret

Oh it's a special day! Today's my mom's birthday and we're out at her place to celebrate. I gave her The Secret book to read and she's already loving it a lot!

On top of that, the author and teachers featured in the book and movie are featured on Oprah today! Don't miss it if you can!

It's been so therapeutic out here in the country. I've been longing to dig in the dirt and make something beautiful. Well, my mom's been working on a stone walkway from the steps of the house to the driveway, and their property has tons of rocks. She got the walkway started, but she can't do much cause it hurts her back. So I took over and I'm already nearly finished! It's so much fun, my mind is feeling the best when I'm in that creative zone and when I'm outdoors in the fresh air and getting exercise from the hard labor, I'm getting full benefits!

What a fantastic day!

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amygeekgrl said...

dang it! i usually turn oprah on just to see what it's about, but i didn't today.
so how was it?
i still haven't watched the movie btw, but am planning on it.