Friday, February 02, 2007

Getting back to yoga and a thought

As I was showering this morning, I thought of some ways to quiet my mind in the morning and feel physically and mentally good every day. Uh, how about using my dust-covered yoga DVDs I have? I have one particular one, AM & PM Yoga, where each session is a mild stretching and only takes about 15-20 minutes. That would be a perfect start to my day! The nearby yoga studio also offers a $5 community class once a week, and I asked Golf if that would be something I could do. He said he certainly would watch Aidan while I run down there and enjoy the weekly class. I know I feel SOOO good and at such peace with myself and my body when I do yoga. It will help me in my newfound quest to make the laws of attraction work for me.

And on a funny note: I called my mother shortly after my shower and she was just getting ready to do her yoga session!

Another plan: I am addicted to listening to AM radio. I listen to a local channel here, KGO radio. It's an award-winning station and the hosts are all middle of the road politically speaking. But it's so dang entertaining because the hosts I listen to talk about social issues and also they'll speak with all sorts of guests from tech reporters to authors and doctors. But I wonder if I'm doing too much. There was a time that I'd never even listen to music anymore. My radio was always on, and sometimes I'd still listen if it was a topic that didn't interest me much, like some sports story.

Well, I've decided that I'm cutting back on the radio and I'm going to put my music on more often. I've already done it for Aidan's sake. He needs to hear music and it puts me at such peace, especially my ambient channels I put on at Live365.

So there are two ways I'm intending to improve my life's outlook: More music, more yoga. You simply cannot go wrong there!


My thoughts: Just looking at my New Year's post when I made my vision board, I can see how much negativity I was wallowing in. I was covered in negativity all of last year, and frankly, that was a major reason I didn't blog much. Often times I wouldn't be able to think of anything to blog about that wouldn't be complaining about something, so I decided not to write anything at all.

In a matter of days I am a changed person. It is all in a small shift of perception. What's also really wonderful is that I was able to share fully my enthusiasm about my discovery of the Law of Attraction and The Secret with Golf. He understands me completely and practices it himself to a degree because of his Buddhist upbringing. I was a little wary at first about sharing with him because I was afraid he would laugh or think this is silly stuff. But I was so glad I made myself vulnerable (one should be able to be vulnerable with one's own spouse!) and our conversations have been inspiring and uplifting.

Now I have so much on my mind that I want to share. I think I'll be writing a lot more this year.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Live 365, but I use it for the 80's channels. They are spectacular!


Mel said...

You need to have music, of all kinds! :D Find live music too, there's a lot of positive human dynamics that go on watching and listening to band members play.

Here's my favorite free music on the web:
"Groove Salad" and "Secret Agent" are my favorites, but they do nice ambient too. No commercials, works with Windows Media Player. Enjoy!