Friday, February 23, 2007

New Suit and Shoes

Yesterday I took Aidan with me to the mall. I had a couple of gift cards from JC Penney, totaling $125 and I needed to start getting into the role of a sales person/loan officer. So my mission was to find a nice interview suit and a pair of pumps. I hadn't been to a mall in well over a year and sometimes I miss shopping. It was so much fun to go and Aidan was a good, good boy. That makes all the difference.

I got so lucky! Penney's was having a sale and I found a beautiful A-line skirt and jacket. It was a deep chocolate brown with tiny soft green dots making up a diamond pattern - all small and it made a very nice effect. I really didn't want a boring black or navy blue suit. I picked out a size 10, not sure if that was even my size. Tried it on and it couldn't be more perfect. I don't need a tailor to take anything in! Best part: on sale for $80, normally $180!

Shoes - call me a fashion slave, but I love the pointy high heel pumps. I found a pair on sale and I did get the black ones instead of brown, thinking practically in that it would go with more outfits. I tried them on and they were actually comfortable. Normally $55 I got them for $40. I was really pleased. I only spent $13 of my own money, since I also bought foot cushions for the balls of my feet because realistically speaking, wearing heels means your balls are gonna hurt. I don't want sore balls.

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