Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Intentions, Plans, Progress

I've been really proud of my commitment to my 15 minute meditation every morning. I don't beat myself up when my mind starts being overly active, which happened for the first time today. I don't mind having thoughts, but when they become disconnected, choppy and fast (like watching too many TV commercials) I gently remind myself and slow down. Just the fact that I noticed and corrected it is a good sign that I'm on my way to mastering my thoughts.
Its fun watching small manifestations taking place. On Sunday when we went to the flea market, we were slightly later than we usually are and the weather was sunny and beautiful, meaning lots of people. Just before we got to the 2 areas we look for parking I said that we would find a good spot. We did - the last one in the parking lot! I was so jazzed about it!

I'm making plans too. The first of March I plan to order my books that upon comleting the readings should prepare me for the Real Estate license. That will cost me $448 for eight books. In the meantime, I've just been reading and studying uplifting positive material and avoiding any negative in any media as best I can. I also plan to go to the mall sometime this week and use my JCPenney gift cards and get some clothes for my future career. A good interview suit would be the best to start.

Good things are happening. :)

Lastly here's a photo of Aidan at my parents' place out in the country. We planted a tree that's about the same age as he is and we took a picture to show n compare as years go by. I plan to etch in a date, February 2007 to mark the starting point. Isn't it so cute though, two babies. :)

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amygeekgrl said...

that's awesome about the progress you are making! i've been working on avoiding negativity and using positive affirmations a lot lately too.

i love that idea of planting the tree. how cool! and what an adorable picture. your parents' place looks lovely! :)