Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Bangkok shipment arrived ALREADY

We weren't supposed to get our shipment for another couple of weeks yet! I'm sitting here jet lagged and reading the notification that it's already arrived. Too much is happening too fast -- I'm still jet-lagged and we're both caring for a three month old baby whose stamina certainly must be taken into consideration. Poor little guy.

Yesterday was a big day getting the deposit to our landlord and getting keys and we did some shopping at Mervyn's. Then my parents came by at 3:30 to go to IKEA, but we really needed a rest after our trip to the apartment. Aidan was exhausted. Then we headed out again for IKEA to eat some dinner there (cheap and tasty restaurant on the premesis). We needed to buy a bed and mattress. By the time we loaded the furniture in Dad's truck, it was 9 PM, then we had to go out to our apartment again to unload it. We're on the third floor and while we have an elevator, we still needed to be quiet for the other tenents. It was a terribly long day for me with only two hours of sleep from the night before.

We thought we'd assemble the bed and bedside tables and do a trip to Wal Mart and the grocery store tomorrow, then go to Sac for the rest of our stuff the next day, but with just now getting the email that our Bangkok shipment has arrived, there could be a change of plans. I don't know if they charge a fee every day that it's not picked up, but I'd of course rather do it over the weekend so that I could at least have our basic essentials for our home already like cookware and the baby's bed. We don't have ANYTHING in our apartment yet. The timing is not good.

Also, we are checking out of our hotel this morning and won't have internet access until September 9th, so I may not be blogging for the next week or so. Let's see what happens. How will I ever get through the week!?!? :)

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Running2Ks said...

Wow, and wow again! Amy, it is a whirlwind. My thoughts are with you as I hope you get through this in one piece. Deep breaths and lots of help are in order for you!