Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Since today is the 25th I'm wishing all who celebrate a Merry Christmas! We're laying low this year, but last year I had a blast in a pub in Bangkok with my fellow ex-pat teachers, our Thai partners and Aied, our good friend and colleague. It was my first English style dinner. I was also four months pregnant with Aidan. You can see pictures here. Scroll down a bit for photos. Many of them are still working at my old school, so if you're reading, Merry Christmas to you!


amygeekgrl said...

Merry Christmas. :) Hope you have a lovely day with your guys.

I enjoyed the photos of last year. Looks like it was lots of fun.

Michelle said...

Hey Amy (and Golf) :-)

Merry Christmas - I'm up in Chiang Mai with Sue - we splurged and flew up for 3 days and are staying at the Imperial Mae Ping a nice 4-star hotel right next to the night market. I've spent a fortune on really cool stuff of course! :-)

Yesterday, (Christmas Day) we went to the elephant camp and went raft riding, rode an elephant, went on an ox cart, had lunch and then went to the orchid farm. Great day! Of back to Bangkok this afternoon.

Anyway, happy new year and I'll drop you a proper e-mail soon. Thanks for the e-card.

Love Michelle