Thursday, December 29, 2005

My yogic plans for the new year

I walked by the Alameda Yoga Station yesterday and picked up their new 2006 schedule and they did add the $5 community class. Every Monday from 12:15-1:15. I confirmed with Golf that he can watch Aidan for an hour and a half once a week while I do this. I can easily ride my bicycle there! But new classes don't begin til after January 3, which is a Tuesday, so that means I can't start at the studio until the second week. Til then, I'll do my videos. I did about half of one yesterday. First off it was all Aidan could handle. I had him in his walker right next to me while I worked out. Secondly, I was TIRED! I gotta start out slowly and hopefully by the time I go to the class, I'll be better.


alise said...

I too have started back full swing with the yoga classes. At first my body was confused and very sore but grateful for the work. I am still in the level 1 classes even though I have been practicing yoga for over 2 years. Be patient with your body, after all, you passed a whole other person through it since last practicing your yoga.

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm feeling very sore today and I didn't do it yesterday since we went to the mall! Gotta do it again today anyway because it's gonna be rainy. Also my back hurt so much that I had to take an Advil and finished nursing Aidan on the sofa instead of in bed.