Saturday, December 31, 2005

My new year's resolutions

Since a few other blogging friends have posted their resolutions for the year, I'd better do mine too. Not much a person on making or keeping resolutions, but it will make me think and set some goals.

* This year I plan to get the rest of this maddening pregnancy weight off my body. Hopefully by autumn I will have it all off, cause it seems like the breastfeeding is keeping the fat on and I plan to nurse until Aidan's at least a year old.

* I would like to get control of my sweet tooth (hence help with the weight loss). That can start NOW.

* Become disciplined in practicing my yoga in conjunction with my powerwalking exercise regimine.

* Do my artwork on a regular basis and get good at it!

* Get my hands and nails back into shape, though difficult with the extra cooking and cleaning I do. I can still try!

Those are the main things that I need to work on. I just need to print this list out and post it on my fridge so I can be reminded daily and continue to work on these goals.

Happy New Year everybody!


Running2Ks said...

You can do it all! I know you can. The goals are totally realistic :)

Happy New Year!

amygeekgrl said...

good idea to print out the list and put it on your fridge. i need to do that w/ mine as well.
thx for the info on voluntary simplicity too.

happy new year! :)

The Expat Wife said...

I am looking through your Thailand archives as we have just moved here...I am not sure if you will see this message but if you do could you please let me know if public breastfeeding is acceptable here, I don't know anyone else to ask....also...please tell me the weight drops of when you finish because I am sure my body is holding onto weig while I feed

Merry Xmas!