Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The week's agenda

We decided to lay low until the shopping frenzy declines and life returns to normal before we head out into the vast wasteland of the shopping mall. Aidan's got his first portrait appointment at JCPenney's on Thursday and while we're there I'm doing some more shopping.

I have to get a wedding gift for my Thai friend A, who is marrying a Sri-Lankan British man and is in the UK with him now, enjoying the frigid, snowy weather. Her wedding date is January 14th and I already know what I want to get her but I can't say here in case she reads this, but I will say it'll be warm and cozy. :)

I have two pairs of socks left that I can wear with shoes. TWO. The rest are big wooly ones that I wear around the house instead of slippers. So I'm going sock shopping.

I have two nursing bras that I've interchanged since the day Aidan was born and they are getting WAY worn out and Mervyn's didn't have anything I liked, so I hope JCPenney has something. Afterall, I'm only halfway done with nursing!

My backache isn't going away, it returned after my stretches, so we're going to look for a memory foam mattress, about two inches, because my research came across reviews that said anything thicker doesn't do much good. I want something like a Tempurpedic mattress without the expense of one.

And just like everyone else, our expenses were up this month from birthday parties, Christmas dinner and other things, so January is belt tightening time.


alise said...

If you are mentally prepared to rummage, you can find extreme bargains on high quality items at Ross and Marshalls. Items like socks and especially nursing bras may be acquired for a fraction of the price that would be paid at a place like Pennys or Mervyns. You do have to be mentally prepared for the messiness and stick to what you went for. The inexpensiveness can lure you into purchasing items that you don't really need. Baby items are a steal there. Wait until he really starts wearing shoes.

amygeekgrl said...

hope your back starts feeling better soon.

oh my gosh, i so hear you about the nursing bras. i only have two that i've been wearing since ava was born (eep! 18 months ago) and i'm sooo in need of some more. i really need to splurge and get at least 1 new one. my boobs are nowhere near the same size they were when i started nursing. ;)

happy shopping to you.

Mel said...

Hi Aima! Perhaps your back pain is the result of being in a sitting position too much, and also holding Aidan as he gets bigger and heavier. Maybe you could try keeping your body in pre-pregnancy postures more. It could take up to several weeks before you actually feel a change in your back. How about the shoes you are wearing? They could possibly be contributing to your backpain too. Walking is *the* best exercise for your back (but you knew that ;). You must take care of yourself Aima, you are the engine of the household and cannot be neglected. Investing in your well being is an investment into the health of the whole household. :)

Oh yeah, and treat yourself to some new bras, will ya?! ;D