Saturday, June 11, 2005

3 weeks old today

Aidan's hit his three week mark today. Wow, in one more week, he'll be a month old!
I have a breastfeeding book that says that if baby has an exceptional urge to suck then adding a pacifier at a minimum of 3 weeks old is OK, if you observe his behavior and make sure his feedings are the same etc. So yesterday, one day shy of three weeks, we let him use his bippy after nursing sessions when he was being fussy.

The night before that, he fussed from 1 PM to 10 PM straight, only napping when he was at the breast. That was a very trying day for all of us. Yesterday, Aidan was like a different baby. He didn't expend all his energy pumping his legs, flailing his arms and screamin' and squallin'. He was calm and had SUCH a cute little face. He got in more naps and was better rested for the evening, which he fell asleep before 10 PM. Whew! AND no latching or nursing problems either.

I'm so glad that we have discovered these little miracles before Mother leaves early tomorrow morning. After that, it's all on Golf and me til we move back to the States, but baby will be three months old by then.

Since I was into my 2nd week of my 9th month of pregnancy, I've had an awfully sore wrist. It's my right hand and it's just terrible beneath my thumb in that little indentation. We're going to go to a medical clinic tonight to see if the doctor can figure out what's wrong. It's so bad in the mornings, I can barely put a pony tail in and I sometimes fear I will drop the baby when lifting him. I hope it's not arthritis or something like that.

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