Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Many things

Yesterday we went to see the same monk who advised Golf and I of our wedding date, then after I got pregnant, we went to this monk again for blessings of a safe pregnancy and delivery. And yesterday he blessed Aidan and told his fortune. He said right off that this was a very intelligent boy because he has a very round forehead. He also said that he will be a very successful businessman because of ambition and smarts. It was good all around -- good health, happiness, etc.

Today Golf had his interview at the US Embassy. There is still a small glitch to work out, which our lawyer is going to help us out with. I'm thankful every day that we hired his services because dealing with a new baby on top of all this bureaucratic paperwork would be totally and completely overwhelming. Fortunately, our lawyer said that no one has ever been denied a visa on the grounds we were refused, they just need more paperwork.

I handled public breastfeeding OK -- and there was also an article in the SFGate about it too. I covered him with a blanket, and while that's fine where it's cool or in an a/c room, it's still very limiting. Read the article on more about it.

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